West End Growing Grounds Association Rules

These rules are designed to uphold the Association’s Objectives and to provide the most enjoyable and successful growing conditions for its members.

1. Membership
a) Individual members must be at least 16 years of age.
b) Members who lead a group will be held responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules.
c) Children must be accompanied by an adult member who is responsible for their safety and behaviour.
b) The annual subscription fee is currently £30 per plot or £6 per bed.

2. Site & Container Access & Security
a) Members are responsible for the security of site accesses by not revealing the lock combinations to non-members and securing the locks when on site and securing the site(s) when they are the last person leaving.
b) Members with key access to the container must ensure the lock is secure during use and the container is locked before leaving. A £5 refundable key deposit currently applies.
c) Members’ own equipment is used and kept on the growing grounds, and in the container, at their own risk.
d) The standpipe cabinet is to be locked at all times when not in use.

3. Plot & Bed Maintenance
a) Members must maintain their plots and beds and cultivate them fully or suppress weeds. No pernicious weeds, e.g., hogweed, Japanese knotweed and ragwort are to be permitted to grow on plots and beds.
b) Members are also responsible for maintaining the area immediately surrounding their Plot/beds in a tidy and weed-free condition.
c) Planting should normally be rotated annually.
d) All gardening should be of an organic nature. Unless approved by the Management Committee for specific difficult areas, no weed killer shall be used.
e) Members absent for a significant part of the growing season must make alternative arrangements for the maintenance of their plot or beds.
f) Management Committee members will undertake regular inspections of plots and beds throughout the growing season to ensure they are being properly maintained.

4. Communal Responsibilities
a) Members will undertake common area activities, as may be scheduled by the Management Committee, on four half-days per annum.
b) All garden waste must be deposited in the allocated compost bins or in the brown Council bins.
c) Non-organic waste should be deposited in black bags and taken to the local recycling facility.
d) Maintenance of the common areas and green space on each site is a communal responsibility.

5. Water Usage
a) Water should be used sparingly and except during long periods of drought dispensed with watering cans.
b) The Management Committee will closely monitor metered water usage.

6. Prohibitions
a) Members may not sell their produce for financial gain
b) No dogs or livestock are allowed on the sites
c) Alcohol must not be consumed on the growing grounds or in the container.
d) Loud music, which causes annoyance to other members or nearby residents, is forbidden. e) No buildings or structures, e.g., huts, except the existing container, are allowed on sites.
7. Membership Complaints, Sanctions, Terminations & Appeals
a) Members with complaints should refer them in the first instance to a Management Committee member who will offer advice and/or refer them to the Management Committee for resolution.
b) Members whose standard of maintenance falls below the required standard will be given, in writing, 21 days to rectify the situation.
c) In accordance with section 5. of the Constitution, the Management Committee is empowered to administer sanctions and appeals for serious and persistent breaches of these rules.

8. Revision & Amendments
These rules will be regularly reviewed and may be amended in the light of experience. This version is the result of discussion and agreement by those who attended the EGM on 14th August 2013.

I have read and agree to abide these rules as a condition of my continued membership.